About Me

My whole life I’ve always looked up to people who make lots of money.  One thing I noticed that they had in common was a real estate portfolio, so early on in my professional career I set out to start buying properties.

However, life wasn’t always grand. While I made massive returns on a couple properties in South Florida, I wasn’t able to get out in time on many others thanks in part to an economic meltdown.

I thought I was done.

I thought real estate was too hard.

I had no money to put down and start over again, so I went back to working.

I did about everything from sales to operations, but in the back of my mind, I wanted to be an investor.  So I started digging around the web, looking into guru’s and seeing who I could invest time in. I was looking for a real estate mentor of sort.  The problem was, there was so much information out there that it was hard to figure out who the heck to believe!

Soon, I started getting information overload.  I was wiped out from deciphering all of this data.  I was at wit’s end trying to succeed.

So, I started a blog and started to log all of the experiences, record shows about real estate on TV, and really just create my own personal space where I could log data and reflect on it later.  This way I would know who is who, and I could look at my notes at any time.

So that’s how Flipping Mentors started.  I’m proud to say that I’ve expanded this into a very formidable website on real estate investing.  I have access to many of the people I looked up to. Some of them, I’m not really proud to be in contact with, but if you read the reviews, you’ll probably notice why.

I’m here to report on real estate investing and share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I tell it like it is, give praise when it’s due, and slam people who rip people off.  Take it, or leave it, I’ve learned the hard way, and this is my platform to share the news with the world.

Please enjoy the fruits of my labor, and leave a comment whenever you have questions.  I promise I’ll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.




Kirk Mullen's life goal is to travel the world while living off investments. He's currently mastering real estate investing, thanks to his never ending thirst for information online. This site is his culmination of opinions gathered on real estate investing courses, guru's, and other mentors he aspires to be like.