Best Cities to Flip Homes in 2018

House flipping isn’t for weaklings. You should be happy in going out on a limb with a critical lump of money, know the right individuals (regardless of whether they’re contractual workers or real estate agents), and—most vital—have a sharp eye for spotting where there is an open door to flip. There are numerous elements that assistance making a zone perfect for house flipping, from home costs and property charges, to the nearby populace development, to finding out what particular types of homes are getting purchased. While master house-flippers can separate their scan for properties down to the individual road, greater picture data can likewise illustrate which particular urban communities are most attractive for somebody hoping to put resources into house-flipping.

Update:  Since this content is dated, check out my page on flipping homes for beginners.  I always link to the hottest real estate trends as it pertains to flipping houses from that page.

On account of this, we’ve refined the accessible information on the greatest metropolitan zones to decide which are the best urban areas to purchase a house, redesign it, and set it back into the market.Down below, you’ll find some cities that sponsor opportunity within the house-flipping industry.

Which Cities are the Best For Flipping Properties?

Some Cities to Consider

  • Winston–Salem, NC:
    • Home Prices Change: 2.90%
    • Percent of Flips: 6.10%
    • Three-Year Growth Rate: 2.52%
    • Niche Overall Grade: A-
    • Market Potential Rank (out of 150): 22
    • Renovation/Remodeling Rank (out of 150): 55
    • House-Flipping Score: 49.36
  • New Orleans, LA:
    • Home Prices Change: 5.30%
    • Percent of Flips: 3.50%
    • Three-Year Growth Rate: 3.33%
    • Niche Overall Grade: B+
    • Market Potential Rank (out of 150): 7
    • Renovation/Remodeling Rank (out of 150): 38
  • Fresno, CA:
    • Home Prices Change: 4.500%
    • Percent of Flips: 8.200%
    • Three-Year Growth Rate: 2.57%
    • Niche Overall Grade: B
    • Market Potential Rank (out of 150): 46
    • Renovation/Remodeling Rank (out of 150): 100
    • House-Flipping Score: 51.84
  • Richmond, VA:
    • Home Prices Change: 3.80%
    • Percent of Flips: 7.40%
    • Three-Year Growth Rate: 4.43%
    • Niche Overall Grade: B+
    • Market Potential Rank (out of 150): 19
    • Renovation/Remodeling Rank (out of 150): 102
    • House-Flipping Score: 53.45
  • San Francisco, CA:
    • Home Prices Change: 8.50%
    • Percent of Flips: 3.90%
    • Three-Year Growth Rate: 3.77%
    • Niche Overall Grade: A+
    • Market Potential Rank (out of 150): 142
    • Renovation/Remodeling Rank (out of 150): 150
    • House-Flipping Score: 54.24
  • Washington D.C.:
    • Home Prices Change: 3.40%
    • Percent of Flips: 6.70%
    • Three-Year Growth Rate: 4.93%
    • Niche Overall Grade: A
    • Market Potential Rank (out of 150): 81
    • Renovation/Remodeling Rank (out of 150): 99
    • House-Flipping Score: 54.41
  • Salt Lake City, UT:
    • Home Prices Change: 6.80%
    • Percent of Flips: 5.50%
    • Three-Year Growth Rate: 1.21%
    • Niche Overall Grade: A+
    • Market Potential Rank (out of 150): 126
    • Renovation/Remodeling Rank (out of 150): 64
    • House-Flipping Score: 54.66
  • Dallas, TX:
    • Home Prices Change: 9.10%
    • Percent of Flips: 2.80%
    • Three-Year Growth Rate: 4.76%
    • Niche Overall Grade: A-
    • Market Potential Rank (out of 150): 112
    • Renovation/Remodeling Rank (out of 150): 112
    • House-Flipping Score: 55.78

Of course, it doesn’t really matter, if you know how to find a deal.  Ryan (my mentor) flips homes in Fort Lauderdale with massive success.  And that market is full of sharks who flip homes for a living.  When I say sharks, I mean very savvy investors who know what they are doing and have their mind set on flipping homes.  Anything is possible if you learn the right techniques, which I did from the Flip Coach, Ryan Kuhlman.



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