Best Places to Buy a House in New Jersey in 2021

Jersey City


Jersey City’s gorgeous skyline looks out over the Hudson River

The north-eastern state of New Jersey is often underrated in comparison to its flashier, bigger neighbor, New York. However, with beautiful beaches and an array of coastal towns, the Garden State has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. It’s home to several exciting locations such as Atlantic City, known as the “Las Vegas of the East” and “America’s playground,” where luxury casinos and resorts line the city’s famous boardwalk.

In New Jersey, people can have a great time without breaking the bank, unlike in New York where a simple night out can easily turn into spending $200. In NJ, there’s never a lack of entertainment and things to do. In fact, the state was the first in the entire country to legalize online casinos in addition to brick-and-mortar locations. This huge leap now allows for the state’s residents to research the best virtual platform for them in order to jumpstart their gameplay. For example, the Resorts casino review gives users an overview of the local sportsbooks’ interface style, game offerings, mobile experience, and more. Nowadays, residents can thoroughly explore the internet to find their preferred gaming site, making the initial process straightforward and user-friendly.

But why mention online casinos if this is an article about finding your best neighborhood in NJ? Well, because of these amazing, landmark opportunities, the state’s economy continues to flourish as more and more people invest in the virtual casino world. The state’s revenue numbers are rising year after year and are only expected to grow in the process as the internet continues to be a first option for many when it comes to entertainment. In this way, NJ becomes a great, economically sound place to settle down.

After hearing all that you may be thinking: I want to relocate to the Garden State! Well, another huge benefit of residing in New Jersey is the fact that the housing prices are exponentially cheaper than those of the Big Apple. In 2020, the state’s housing market increased by 5.3% as more and more people traded their tiny, shoebox apartments in New York for actual yard space and greenery in New Jersey.

If you’re looking to make the transition to one of America’s most unique states in 2021, look below for some of the best areas to purchase a house in the great state of New Jersey.


The neighborhood of Princeton is best known for being the home of the prestigious Ivy League research University that was founded all the way back in 1746. The neighborhood is a cultural mecca for education and has all the wonderful aspects of a city/suburban environment. Its school districts were ranked best in the state in 2019, and 17th best in the entire nation.

A flourishing community with beautiful historic houses, it’s a great place to invest in if you’re looking to live in New Jersey.


One of the most sought out places for home ownership in the state, Manalapan is situated no more than 30 minutes from the ocean and 36 miles from New York City. Last year, the township came in 80th place on a list of the top 100 safest places to reside in America.

Because Manalapan is so well connected to places like Brooklyn and Manhattan, buyers are becoming increasingly interested in what it has to offer. Especially for people who may be looking to flip a house for a good return on investment, the area’s housing market is affordable and healthy.


The market in Montclair is booming, increasing steadily by 6.1% each year. Located in the highly desirable area of Essex County, the town contains a lively mix of cafes, retail stores, restaurants, and bars. There are also over 20 park locations where residents can enjoy the greenery of the suburbs, whilst remaining only a 30-minute drive away from the Concrete Jungle. Montclair also boasts a friendly, bohemian-style culture where the creative arts are a big focal point in the town’s overall spirit.


Located south of Newark and a short drive away from Staten Island and Manhattan, Westfield has been a favorite for many relocators over the years. Like Princeton and others on the list, Westfield also has some of the best school districts in the state. The downtown area is classic and quaint; it’s an overall small town with gorgeous homes that help it stand out against other neighborhoods like it.


Loads of opportunities await at New Jersey’s entertainment capital, Atlantic City

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