Best Places to Flip Houses in Florida

Finding the best place to purchase and redesign property can be a bit of a maze at times; if you are unaware of the current market trends and locale that you are interested in. In this article, we’ll take a look at some places in Florida that are generally considered to be better starting points for your house-flipping bouts.

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The Top Places in Florida for Home Investors

  • Miami, Florida – Globally perceived for its nightlife, amusement, and Hollywood screen time, Miami handles the number 1 spot on our rundown of the hottest fix and flip urban areas in Florida. Flips represent 25.6% of all Miami real estate activities. With an abundant measure of abandonments for financial specialists to play with, the market is ideal for fix and flip arrangements. Miami maintains a status of being an attractive place to live in because of its weather and numerous entertainment alternatives. With such huge numbers of potential investment properties and an enthusiastic consistent stream of new inhabitants coming in, the real estate conditions in Miami look solid.


  • Deltona, Florida – Settled in the North East corner of Florida, Deltona is part of a similar metropolitan territory that incorporates Daytona Beach, home of the well-known NASCAR Daytona 500, and a prevalent spring break spot. Deltona, in any case, is a for-the-most-part calm neighborhood for suburbanites who work and play in the adjacent metropolitan territories. This is the main impetus behind its real estate improvement. Alongside Port Richey, Deltona had the second most noteworthy number of flips in the primary portion of 2017 adjusting at 45.


  • Orlando, Florida – Orlando has customarily been well-known for its amusement parks and family attractions, however, did you know that it is a sprouting area for real estate investing? There were 39 flips in Q1 of 2017 in Florida’s biggest inland city. Home to a universal airplane terminal and an elite athletics establishment, its ubiquity is developing and will keep on doing so with a strong framework in position. Home costs in Orlando have risen 11% in the previous year and are relied upon to keep on growing at a rate of 4%!


  • Tampa, Florida – Tampa comes in at number 5 on our rundown parading an amazing home flipping ROI of 97.8%! Circumscribing the Gulf of Mexico and home to various pro athletics teams, Tampa’s unmistakable quality as a noteworthy US city is developing yearly. Its populace has been consistently expanding throughout the years as Tampa’s advancing downtown territory keeps on pulling new inhabitants. As the fifth best outside city–as indicated by Forbes in 2008–, Tampa is home to numerous real estate investors. When putting resources into Tampa or any city close to the water, it is unimaginably vital to flip rapidly. Water-bound regions regularly require surge protection not required by conventional properties. It might likewise be hard to obtain an advance from a customary bank for this sort of property. Fortunately, there are different alternatives to consider. In any case, properties close water ought not be dreaded! Numerous purchasers consider it to be plus as it can instantly increase the value of the property.  Read more about Tampa real estate investing on this page.

Notice that I didn’t list Fort Lauderdale, which is my real estate mentor’s preferred investing area. I only didn’t list it due to the degree of difficulty this area has, being so many people are in that business in that area already.  There is definitely lower hanging fruit in Florida.


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