Best Practice of Branding Real Estate Agencies

Is real estate branding important? According to statistics, about 3% of home buyers say that an agent’s association with a particular brand matters. So a brand definitely plays an important factor when it comes to choosing a real estate agent, but you may think 3% is a small number.


It is, but it is only true for big brand associations. When it comes to personal associations you develop, it can effectively convey who or what you are and what you can do through your brand. This is the key that makes you stand out from the rest of the competition.

So in other words, creating a personal brand can take you to new heights and that is exactly where your focus should be. While you are deciding to pick a branding agent by comparing Crowdspring vs 99designs, this guide will show you how to bring your real estate brand to life on your own.


Should You Create a Brand Yourself?


Branding is a very difficult thing to pull off and requires graphic designing, creative copywriting, and marketing abilities. All of these skills must be used equally to create a brand that speaks volumes for you. If any of these skills are not properly applied to a brand, it may not work.


You may be a good copywriter but there is more to a brand than just a good copy. The best of the best brands are actually born by conversing with your customers. Once you understand the people you are dealing with, and how they behave and think, you will have the right knowledge to create a brand.


Branding Should Never Be Half Baked


If you are the sort that thinks you can create a brand now but perfect it at a later stage, this mentality will probably breed a half baked brand. These kinds of brands are good for you in the short term but fail miserably in the long run.


If you are creating a real estate brand for the first time in your life, then your aim should be to get it perfect the first time around. This doesn’t mean that your brand will evolve at a later stage, but if it is a good brand, every time it evolves, less effort is needed as opposed to a half-baked brand that needs to be torn from the roots to make it appealing.

Should You Hire a Real Estate Branding Agency?


Even though the idea of branding your business sounds great in a picture, you may not be able to pull it off on your own. To be successful in branding, you need to set aside your strengths and weaknesses and see if branding falls in your strength areas. If it isn’t, then a partner is what you need.


A reliable branding company has a clear vision of how to create perfect brands that last a lifetime. They listen closely to your vision and then they enhance it with their own creative thought process. They are constantly keeping themselves updated with the latest trends which matters a lot when it comes to branding.


Since you can’t be the perfect real estate agent for everyone in your area, you should ideally focus on the target audience that is most impressed by your work. This way you will be able to figure out how to create a brand that attracts that target audience. This is the key to making the brand work in the long run.


So even if you have a branding partner with you, the two of you must study your audience and create a brand together. Once you know whos who, you will be able to go deeper into the process. You should easily be able to tell what your audience like and what they struggle with and how they process the information they get from yours.


With this ability, you will be able to easily identify your personal brand identity, something which your target audience will easily be able to relate with.


A real estate branding agency will help you with the copywriting as well as picking the right colors and logo for your business. Just remember, nearly 50% of your brand is in written form. Your tagline, slogan, descriptions of what you do and the way you communicate are all parts of your brand.


With a reliable real estate branding agency, pulling off a perfect brand becomes a lot easier since you’ll get help in all of the departments necessary to create a brand that survives in the long run.

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