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Perhaps it’s because I’m local to South Florida, and have first hand experience with this company as a member, but this is by far the best place to learn how to flip properties that I’ve come across, hands down.  Today I’m going to share with you my first hand experience of working with the Broward Real Estate Investors Association in this full on BREIA Mentor Program review.

BREIA Reviews
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My Experience With Florida Real Estate Mentors

The BREIA mentor program is regarded by the National Real Estate Investors Association as the #1 mentor program in the country. Here are a few details on the program so you can understand why it’s so highly regarded.

The creators behind this mentor program, Ryan Kuhlman and Anish Dave, first and foremost, are some of the most respected and successful wholesale and fix n flip investors in South Florida. This mentor program was created using the experience and techniques that they have used to flip houses over the last 20 years. These mentors know the South Florida market better than most. They also have a lot of experience in all types of distressed properties facing foreclosure, short sales, probates, and even fire damage houses. The BREIA mentor program was created to fulfill all of the important pieces missing from not just the other local mentor programs but more importantly most of the National Mentor programs as well. So what is missing from those programs? It would be easier just to say what the BREIA mentor program is all about.

The BREIA mentor program is the ONLY mentor program that puts up 100% of the funds for its students on every deal. This is NOT just transactional funding, but also for fix n flips too. The expenses on each deal are deducted from the profits and the students and the mentors split the profits 50/50. This makes it a much higher probability for the students to become successful. There are National Real Estate mentor programs that promote “systems” that allow someone to buy and flip houses without using their own money or credit. The percentage of these types of flips that can actually be structured this way is very low. These deals are so few and far between, that less than 1% of all wholesale investors do more than a few of these deals in a year.

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Another aspect of the BREIA mentor program is that it is a true one on one mentorship. The mentors of the BREIA mentor program work with their students very closely. If the student has to meet a seller at a property, the mentor will actually go with them to negotiate the deal. The students in this program can have face to face coaching 6 days a week. The mentors will even take calls from their students 7 days a week as the students have access to the mentor’s personal cell phone numbers. Therefore, any aspect of working a real estate deal such as contracting properties, negotiating with sellers, working short sales, or project managing a rehab property – rest assured you will have a mentor that is by your side every step of the way.

The Breia Real Estate Mentoring Facts

  • They put up 100% of the funds on every student deal
  • They have continuing support classes every month
  • One on one coaching 7 days a week
  • Financing options for the tuition
  • Regarded as #1 mentor program in the country

I can not stress enough how important the financing thing is!  I found myself unable to invest in the program in one lump sum, but was able to pay 50% and make payments over 5 months and they did not charge me a dime of interest!  They also communicated with me that they use Sprout Financial with other students, allowing them to obtain 100% financing with a 10% fee and 0 interest payments for up to 24 months!

My experience has been first class, and my investment has been worth every dollar.  I can’t stress enough how life changing Ryan and Anish have been in my pursuit to flip properties for a living.

Broward Real Estate Investors Association

1660 NW 65th Ave #1

Plantation, FL 33313

(954) 585-2274

I also find their library of YouTube videos very educational, and often very entertaining.  Here’s a sample.  You’ll be hooked for hours watching all the FREE material they put up on their channel.

BREIA Mentor Program
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