Cody Sperber The Clever Investor

Who in recent years has not heard of Cody Sperber, the clever investor? Some of you may not have because of being buried in the day-to-day of your business, which isn’t fun, Cody Sperber has been making considerable efforts to get in front of more people since he’s made the Inc 5000 list. I remember when I first heard about Cody, my friend was talking to me about duplexes and he mentioned there was this “guy”, someone I should look into. My friend stated how quickly Cody Sperber built A real estate investment following.

Building A Real Estate Investment Company One Day At A Time

Like most of us, we put our nose to the grindstone and ear to the ground which is a horrific position to work hard in, but kidding aside, while we’re building our business we may miss a lot of things and that’s what I want to speak about here. I heard Cody Sperber talk recently on the topic of being buried in his day-to-day activities. I could relate to that. It made me perk up my ears and listen to what he had to say. There are valuable lessons to learn regarding that very topic. Let’s also take a look at what tools are available and how Cody has made them more efficient in his business. He also claims to be a student of listening to the market let’s see what influences him.

When I first heard of Cody Sperber, I was very intrigued. If you didn’t know, he has flipped over a thousand homes as a real estate investor inside of 15 plus years. While building his business, he started a mentorship program in Phoenix called the clever investor. I’ve heard him talk about his road to success a couple of times. I was able to piece together some things that were quite valuable to me, for instance, he started out as a bookkeeper and found it unfulfilling. He says he did everything to learn what he could about real estate despite getting friction from friends family and his wife. His family was paramount to him and reminds me of another real estate investor named Roger Staubach who also built an empire for his family too. He claims he even quit a couple of times before understanding what worked for him.

One major thing jumped out at me when I heard him talk. He spoke about building a business with incredible focus, and before he knew it, he raised his head up after dealing with everyday problems dealing with the HOA and found he didn’t put time or effort into any aspect of public relations. It apparently became a significant issue in his business, and he realized he had to resolve this quickly. He went on to talk about how difficult this would be to approach because he was trying to balance his business with his family. I think a lot of us run into the same situation. If you are missing essential elements in your business model, it will nearly be a possible to scale at mass before the house of cards come falling.

What Tools You Shouldn’t Ignore

Cody Sperber also talks a lot about using tools available to us effectively. Cody learned about social media and how it can impact his business regarding public relations because he was able to get in front of more people. Utilizing video was another essential tool he incorporated into his company to be able to reach the masses.  Just because we may not know how to monetize from these social media vehicles initially, this does not mean we should not dive In and use them even for the public relations aspect.

I noticed Cody talks a lot about the product first and trying to provide value in your Market. I also took this to mean what a house could be worth. He also talks a lot about getting testimonials even thousands of testimonials in your Market. I’ve heard Cody talk about building an audience in real estate and most recently building value out to that audience, and then finally doubling down on that formula. The Step Beyond that is the focus on virality.

Cody Sperber is undoubtedly a force to reckon with in the real estate investment industry. Cody has developed a winning formula that works for him time and time again, and he’s now at a point where he’s willing to share that formula. Cody has been able to build a successful business in his niche. Now he’s focused on his brand in the United States and by developing a vast audience who knows where that can go.

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Ian Manta is a successful business owner and lifetime investor in real estate. He has purchased numerous investment properties to grow assets, and develop passive income.