David Parnes

Although he originally hails from London, England, the real estate dynamo named David Parnes has left his mark on the Los Angeles real estate scene forever, and he is currently a major fixture within the city of Angels. He is the cofounder of Bond Street Partners with James Harris and he’s currently one of the stars of Bravo’s hit TV series Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

Before moving to the USA to dominate the Los Angeles real estate scene, David went to school at the University of Manchester, where he studied politics and economics and received a Bachelor of Arts with Honors. So not only is he one of the top real estate agents in the United States of America and one of the best there is in LA, he’s also a very intelligent man to say the least.

Early in his career, David did not originally enter into the real estate game at first. In fact, he worked in the investment industry at a hedge fund. Before he changed his stripes and turned into a real estate agent, he actually worked in Europe managing a private portfolio of various real estate assets.

The interesting thing about David’s life is he didn’t like spending all his time in London – the fog can be very oppressive – so he used to come to the United States and take vacations during the summers. During the summer trips, he would go to Los Angeles, and as many people can tell you, the beautiful sunshine and the amazing weather that’s there all year long is a huge draw and it’s the reason why so many people end up living in LA full-time. And that’s exactly what ended up happening to David Parnes because he truly loved the place and he wanted to stay in the warm sun as often as possible.

Real Estate Agent David Parnes and James Harris
        David Parnes and James Harris.

So, David Parnes packed up his bags in London and moved to LA full-time in 2009. After making this big move, he connected with James Harris and opened up one of the biggest real estate agencies in LA, known as Bond Street Partners. His career has taken off tremendously since then, and working as a high end real estate agent in Malibu, the Hollywood Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, and LA, you can see why this incredible human being has had such amazing success in this industry. He sells beautiful property to the ideal clientele and he’s very successful at it.

David Parnes Instagram

When you have had such success in LA in the real estate game, it should come as no surprise to anyone that David Parnes has a relatively large following on Instagram. As a real estate mentor, people really like him, respect him, and want to learn lots more about his life. So they follow him on the social media site, check out his pictures and his words, and have the opportunity to live vicariously through him by appreciating the amazing things he sees and does.

The cool thing about David Parnes and his Instagram page is that he uses it for a lot more than just showcasing his latest real estate offerings, although real estate definitely has a presence on his Instagram pages well. But he uses it for much more than that, and you can easily find pictures of him and his wife, his three dogs, his friends, coworkers, business acquaintances, and all kinds of other pictures as well.

As a matter of fact, the typical types of pictures easily found on David Parnes’s Instagram page include pictures of him and his wife, wedding pictures, pictures of his dogs, pictures of real estate that he has for sale, pictures of real estate that he recently sold, pictures of awards, accolades, articles speaking about him, interesting designs, plenty of wine bottles, pictures of him and his partner James Harris, pictures of children, and a whole host of other things.

If you’re really interested in learning about the life of David Parnes, and want to join the 76K people currently following him on Instagram, then you should definitely look him up the next time you’re on the site. Take a look at the pictures, get to know this man better, and then watch him on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and you’ll see how down to earth, fun, and happy he truly is.

David Parnes Wife

David Parnes is currently married to a gorgeous woman named Adrian Abnosi. The couple met in November 2013 at a business dinner that was held in a restaurant in West Hollywood. According to people that are close to the couple, David fell in love with his wife the moment he saw her. But he was very shy and didn’t have the courage to ask for her phone number right away. In fact, it is believed that it took him more than two hours to finally gather up his courage, approach her, and ask for her digits.

On a much brighter note, she said yes and gave him her phone number. The couple dated for two years before David decided to pop the question. She said yes! They were happily engaged for a while and then the couple got married in July 2017. The ceremony was held in the South of France and they had a very lavish and extravagant wedding. The couple is currently pregnant and we expect to start seeing some beautiful baby pictures on David’s Instagram page sooner rather than later.

David Parnes’s Net Worth

Because David has had such amazing success selling real estate in Los Angeles with his partner James Harris, it should come as no surprise that he is relatively well-off. In fact, it’s estimated that David is currently worth roughly $6 million. That figure is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

David Parnes Age

You can probably tell that David is still a very young man. In fact, he’s only 35 years old since he was born in London, England, on March 21, 1982. He’s accomplished a great deal in his short life, and we look forward to watching him on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and we certainly root for his continued success. Good luck David!


Bond Street Partners

A: 31 foothill rd beverly hills, CA 90210
E: dparnes@theagencyre.com
P: (424) 400-5916
W: http://bondstreetpartners.com


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