Dean Graziosi

Dean’s Website offers courses in Real Estate focusing on single dwelling homes.  His programs allow new people to enter into the real estate investment industry and apply what he teaches to improve their lives.

Today Dean Graziosi Is a real estate investor here in the US. By many, he is considered an expert in his field and is well known as a TV personality, author, motivational speaker and businessman. A lot of people know him for his late night infomercial series that’s been running since 1999. He’s also written real estate books selling directly to consumers.

Dean Graziosi the Real Estate Investor and Author

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Dean Graziosi Early Life In Education.

Dean was born in Marlboro New York by his parents Paul and Gloria. He had one other sibling, but his parents did split when he was three years old. He stayed with his mother and grandmother until the age of 13 then moved in with his father. It could have been these financial difficulties that helped to drive his entrepreneurial Spirit later in life. As a youth, he did move around a lot. They did not have a lot of money. With only a high school education he started by repairing and selling cars which later turned into real estate deals.

Dean’s first real estate purchase was a run-down apartment with no money down. It turned into a positive experience through a lot of work, and this experience helped him to foresee a future in real estate.

Dean Graziosi’s Personal Life

Today Dean is married with two children and lives in Phoenix Arizona. They’ve been very involved in charity and have helped many families get back on their feet which are also facing financial difficulties. The purchase of the books and training courses contribute to Operation free home. This program allows families to live in a house free of expenses for one entire year while they get back on their feet.

Some Of Dean’s Career Highlights

After focusing on real estate for many years, Dean started a training course in 2002 called think a little different. He then went on to write a book published by Vanguard press which hit the New York Times bestseller list. It was titled: Total Fulfillment. In it, it explains Dean’s unique approach to achieving results. Then went on to write a second book also published by Vanguard press and it became the fastest and best selling real estate book in 07 and 08. He called this book: Be a real estate millionaire secret strategies for Lifetime wealth today. This book went on to the New York Times and USA Today bestsellers list.

The Programs Dean Offers

Dean offers three levels of courses. The first course is a $47 foot in the door offer called the jumpstart course where he talks about some of the people he works with and proven recipes. The second program is for $297 talking about self-improvement. He explains how difficult it is to get results if you don’t know where you are starting from or where you want to go. His third course is his high ticket offer for $997 where he covers a lot of his real estate training through a student of his named Matt It appears he backed his courses with 100% money back guarantee.

The First Course:

Module 1: Discover with crystal clear clarity where it is you desire to go with your life, and set the exact steps to get there.

Module 2: How to overcome fear in any circumstance, and allow it to be the rocket fuel behind your success rather than the anchor holding you down.

Module 3: Kill your procrastination once and for all with these high performance action taking success secrets.
Price of the course $47
100% Money Back Guarantee

The Second Course:

The Winning State of Mind course – 4 weeks with bonuses.
Dean’s program talks about personal development first. He speaks a lot about where you currently are in life and tries to help you find where you want to go. He doesn’t claim to have invented personal development but rather a unique way to connect with the person to help that person achieve results.

Online course giving you the tools and strategies for becoming unstoppable.
Week 1: Exposing The Inner Villain Part I – Recognizing Your Inner Resistance
Week 2: Exposing The Inner Villain Part II – Lifting The Resistance Veil Forever
Week 3: Killing The Villain Within – Discovering The TRUE You
Week 4: Unleash Your Inner Hero – Your Peak Potential Released
Week 5: Overcome Everything – Special Webcast Presentation with G

Bonus #1: Free Growth Summit tuition-waiver
Bonus #2: New York Times Best-Selling Book Totally Fulfilled:
Fast Action Bonus #3: Lifetime Supply of Weekly Wisdoms

Price of the course 297.00
100% Money Back Guarantee

The Third Course:

His student Matt Larson presents the second course. Matt appears to be a student of Dean’s and has picked up the reins and is doing a lot of the teaching in this course.

Day In A Life With Matt Larson – Peak over the shoulder of a millionaire investor.
Real Estate 101 – Fundamentals and foundation for Investing from A to Z.
Wholesaling Today – The Art Of The No Money Down Deal
Fix and Flip Mastery – Ground breaking blueprint to profitable flips
Income Properties 3.0 – Cash flow creation & long-term wealth
Lease Option Multiplier – The ultimate win-win secret weapon
Matt’s Personal Training Worksheets – Become the Facilitator
Bonus #1: Two Follow Up Q&A With Matt – Matt answers the most frequently asked real estate investing questions – $397 Value
Bonus #2: Real Estate Through Facebook Course – How do you find buyers, sellers, or renters through Facebook. This program shows you how!
Bonus #3: Abdunace Mastery Course – Mindset is everything, and this course allows you to stay at the top of your game – $297 Value

Price of the course 997.00
100% Money Back Guarantee

Dean Graziosi Net Worth

I’ve read that the net worth of Dean Graziosi is around $43 million, which is a hefty haul for anyone.  I only know of Tracy Maltas and Josh Flagg who are in that stratosphere, off hand.

My Thoughts On Dean’s Programs

It’s very interesting that he does offer a 100% money back guarantee. Many programs do not provide a money back guarantee, and if they do, often they make it nearly impossible to qualify to get your money back. If you’re deciding on Dean’s courses, you will want to look at the terms and see if they are suitable for you. The primary challenge I have with these online courses from very large gurus is the lack of personal attention. Everybody coming into the game has their own unique set of circumstances. It’s difficult to address each person on the level needed to succeed. So that’s the problem I have with these types of programs. Possibly finding a mentor local to you may be a better choice of your money despite Dean putting his money to a good cause.


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