Discovering The Best Time To Try And Buy A Pre-Foreclosure

Real Estate Investors wonder if there’s the best time to try and purchase a pre-foreclosure home. This type of sale can be unpredictable and possibly requires a lot of skill on the investor’s side, but we’re going to explain where the sweet spot is, so everybody wins. Some people have some misconceptions on whether these types of sales are even worth pursuing. We’re going to cover these topics and explain why having the right timing can benefit everybody involved.

Investors working with pre-foreclosure sales can find it stressful at times because there is so much involved. It’s part of the process where a family receives notice from the bank indicating they’re behind on payments but still have time to turn their situation around. In essence, the family has likely run into difficult times and are under a great deal of pressure. It can create an emotional environment which is stressful and makes the decision process more challenging. Some investors wonder if the benefits are worth it.

Buying a home at this stage in the process can provide benefits to everybody involved. The reason for this is families may not be in a position to recover their finances and repair their status with the bank. Their situation could be complicated limiting their options to save their home. For many, the writing is on the wall, and they recognize the fact that moving on is likely their best option. The banks also welcome an opportunity for someone to take over the mortgage and continue the payments of the initial agreement. Many banks prefer to go this route rather than a costly foreclosure process which can be unpredictable. Investors can also come out on top because they can come across deals they would otherwise never see.

When a family falls under challenging times, the situation may not be temporary. In fact, Banks may not even consider the hardships as official criteria under their terms excluding options such as using loan modifications as an example. Families want to avoid foreclosure because it can be so damaging to their credit long term. Many times, families are open to selling their home because it can relieve a lot of emotional stress and allow them to move on quickly. There are many advantages for everybody coming to understand the situation in a transparent way as soon as possible.

Once the family falls behind on payments, they’re expecting to hear something from the bank or lender. The bank will issue a notice to the family and will also have to log a report with the deeds office. The family is provided a time frame to turn things around otherwise face foreclosure. It’s usually during this time families are looking to understand every possible option available and are receptive to solutions. This instance is perhaps the best time for an investor to make the family aware of their services but in a tactful way. It’s important because it’s still considered Somewhat confidential and the general public isn’t aware they’re in distress. Families still want to maintain their pride.

Having early contact with the family has many benefits. They can view you as someone in a position to help, and this rapport can make a difficult situation more manageable. Families will often take an investor through the home so that they can get an accurate assessment to make an offer. The offer will need to be cleared by the bank before a final sale is negotiated and finalized.

The pre-foreclosure process can be a complicated situation limiting families with their options. Most families under the circumstances are looking for alternatives and are receptive to investors to help them move past their position. After the seller and investor establish rapport, they can agree on a price and have it approved by the bank. The process can be a positive experience for everybody involved if done correctly.


Ernest Gerberich is an ambitious Real Estate Investor whose goal has always been to help people. With the support of many communities, Ernest combines his success in the luxury real estate market with his mission of philanthropy.