Donald Trump Jr Promotes His Real Estate Empire In India

Donald Trump Jr. goes to India to promote his real estate empire.  Trump Jr. has stepped up in the real estate investment industry while his dad runs the country. He recently went to India to promote his business interests. Some people view this as a conflict while others say it’s a great move. When Donald Trump took office, he was supposed to cease anything that would grow their business. Having his son Donald Trump Jr. go to India to promote things instead could be another risky move. But is it?

Donald Trump Jr. Is In The Spotlight

Donald Trump Jr. has jumped straight into the spotlight for sure. Whether he’s happy about that or not doesn’t appear to phase him. He got involved in his father’s business at a young age and had worked alongside his other brother Eric for a while now. Their focus is to grow the company’s real estate, golf, retail, and hotel interests. Currently, Donald Trump Jr. is in charge of and oversees all the pre-development and planning for all construction. He handles The Branding for the organization, the leasing, sales, and marketing. So he manages the entire Trump organization’s Holding company. When Trump Jr got started with the organization in 2001, he initially worked with the Westside yards Redevelopment project in New York City which has been one of the most successful large-scale development projects in Manhattan.


Trump Jr. Is A Qualified Real Estate Investor

There’s no question Donald Trump Jr. is qualified to represent the Trump organization and take it to the next level concerning the expansion of the international operation. The Indian real estate market is a huge Market. The population alone in India is incredible. The Trump organization has been involved since 2013 and has undoubtedly made a mark. Trump plans to build Luxury Apartments in the price range of three-quarters of a million to 1.5 million dollars in India. They already have buyers, and the Trump brand is most certainly recognized already. The Trump brand tends to go after the luxury Market, but in India due to the amount of land compared to the population, a lot of families share multiplex homes.

Donald Trump Jr. Visits Big Executives On The Trip

While Donald Trump Jr. was drawing similarities between the democracies, he also covered a lot of deals involving brand licensing projects. Donald Trump Jr. was highlighting a lot of similarities between the two of the biggest democracies in the world, and while doing so, he was also locking down some brand licensing projects for the Trump organization. During this trip, he was also meeting up with over a hundred business executives involving Developers at the Marriot in West Bengal. He no doubt carries a lot of influence globally and is an entrepreneur to follow.

Donald Trump Jr. is attracting large audiences on his trip to India. He has no shortage of experience speaking in front of large crowds either. He is a top-rated keynote speaker not only in the United States but also internationally he has brought up many real estates investing tips in these talks and is excellent to listen to, especially if you’re just getting into the industry. If you get a chance to see him speak live it would certainly be worth your time.

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