Donald Trumps Real Estate Holdings

With real estate investing who can’t think of Donald Trump’s Real Estate Holdings? It’s perhaps one of the most well-known names in real estate. If it wasn’t even five years ago, it most certainly is now. The Trump Holding company is arguably the world’s largest luxury real estate Mega brand. Whether you like Donald Trump or not, He did a fantastic job with the one million dollar seed he received from his father years ago.

Donald Trump’s Luxury Real Estate Mega-Brand

We’re going to dig in and take a glimpse at what Donald Trump did by wrapping a brand name around his holding company that even by today’s standards is beyond what most people can conceptualize. To do that we must first take a surface glance at how holding companies work and what they are typically used for in real estate investing. From there we’ll take a look at some of the Holdings Trump owns assets in and finally why a holding company may work for even a small operation.

A Quick Look At Holding Companies And Real Estate Investing

Holding companies are an excellent tool for real estate investing. To better understand Trump’s Holdings, you need to understand the general idea of holding companies. One of the fascinating things about a holding company besides its ability to protect assets is the fact that it’s sometimes somewhat tricky for outside eyes to see what’s happening within it. If you like your privacy, it’s a fantastic tool for that purpose too. A holding company does not make anything, and it does not have operations. It is merely a legal entity that allows you to own shares in things like other corporations, limited Partnerships, Private Equity Funds, hedge funds, limited liability companies, the rights to songs, patents, trademarks, stocks and yes, of course, property and brand names. Other famous names involved in real estate investing have used these methods too, for example, Jennifer Aniston the television actress and Emmitt Smith, the football player.

The Hotels andĀ Donald Trump’s Holding Company

There’s no question Donald Trump’s Holding Company owns a lot of property. It just gets a little murky for outside eyes trying to peer in to determine what percentage he owns of specific properties versus others. It’s for this very reason there is a lot of controversy around Donald Trump’s actual net worth. People believe the vast majority of his holding company is made up of his brand name surrounding the mega luxury hotel niche. Regarding the domestic footprint, Trump Holdings has a percentage of over 20 Mega luxury hotels. Each property pays revenue to wear the Trump name, and he’s probably negotiated some degree of ownership of the land too. The international hotel scene is just as impressive, presently under 15 properties. The commercial locations although small in number at under 5 are substantial landmarks and nothing short of amazing. Donald Trump has gone on the record many times to say New York is a fantastic place for real estate investing. For people like us, we don’t have to negotiate deals like Trump Holdings. It could be condos in New York.

The Luxury Golf Course Brand

Would you believe Trump Holdings also has their hand in luxury golf courses across the United States and Beyond? His holding company is also a part of a staggering 20 plus Beautiful Golf Resorts.The Trump organization has been committed to building some of the most challenging luxury golf courses around. He has even dedicated a website focusing just on the golf niche and what they own. Golf is an exciting avenue for real estate investing because not only are you controlling a lot of property. It’s typically of high value, and there’s usually a luxury resort attached. On top of that, you can generate revenue from the membership base. It can be pretty profitable I’m told.

Donald Trump Holdings company is indeed a big name in the industry. Without question, they hold assets in the numerous properties in the luxury real estate investing niche. It’s difficult not to consider them the undisputed Megabrand in luxury real estate. Although we may not be able to scale close to the same rate Donald Trump has with his holding company. We can undoubtedly study his approach on how he structured his Empire. The use of holding companies can help us too even if it’s on a small scale. The asset protection and the Privacy that goes along with it is astonishing.

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