Emmitt Smith Real Estate Fortune

What path led to the Emmitt Smith real estate Fortune? Emmitt Smith certainly has a passion for Real Estate in more ways than one. He started off in the early days running on it before he began to dance on it and finally most recently started to transform it. There is no denying the fact he is a man of significant focus.

Taking Success To The Game Of Real Estate.

We’ve all heard success means different things to different people especially when it comes to careers in real estate investing. Emmitt Smith encountered massive levels of success in football and other areas of life too. I always look at somebody who’s successful, try to break down the common elements that have made them successful or should I say have used to become successful. I’ll examine these factors, take them and apply them in my own life. Let ‘s take a look at how Emmitt Smith was quick on his feet figuratively and literally while making split-second decisions. Perhaps we can identify some things he focuses on and what matters to him and how it applies to real estate. Also, let’s see who he’s tied into because everybody needs to find the right people in their life to become successful.

Quick Decision Making Wins Big

Not only is Emmitt Smith agile on his feet, but he’s also quick when it comes to making the right decisions. There’s no question he put crazy numbers up, yet there were some recruiters when he was looking at college ball saying he wasn’t a fast runner, and he was a lugger. It would indeed be interesting to know where these recruiters are today. When I was down in the Florida area, I had heard one of these recruiters found themselves in a situation and ended up selling their house for cash. Even in the high school days, Emmitt Smith ran over 8,000 yards. So later on after making All American, one of the quick decisions he made which must have been hard, was the forgo his final year and play professionally. What can anyone say about that? He put the numbers up in the NFL too. It’s undeniable these traits are what he focused on to develop success including in his real estate career.

Someone I spoke to recently that I respect reiterated to me to stay focused on what matters. It’s important to know your strengths because you need to navigate and be able to think fast when things come your way regarding deals. Sometimes we don’t have the luxury to do a lot of due diligence, and we need to take the facts we have and make a decision quickly. For instance, a deal was presented to me just last year, and I needed to know instantly how much a house was worth. I had to utilize the strengths and skills I knew I had at the time. If you understand your strengths and have a passion for your industry it will allow you to think quickly on your feet, in fact, things will come more naturally to you.

Following In The Steps Of A Winner

One of the other elements that Emmitt Smith has utilized in all his successes is getting to know people in general. He has done this all his life, after all, we can’t do it all ourselves. Emmitt Smith has been very involved in his community and even being on the show Dancing with the Stars. Something else I noticed about him, he’s not afraid to team up with someone whether it’s for a good cause or to learn about the next big business deal. It’s a valuable lesson that took me a long time to learn when I started out my career in real estate investing. Quite frankly it cost me a lot of money, and I often wonder where I would have been had I been more involved and getting to know the people in my surroundings. His first big real estate deal closed at 45 million after partnering with Roger Staubach in real estate.

Who you partner with is vitally important because you never know where that can turn and how that can affect your life. Roger Staubach and Emmett Smith have worked together not just in real estate but also in building a foundation to raise money for their community in Texas. Take the time to meet up with well-known people in your area, just walk up and shake their hand and introduce yourself. I’ve been doing this over the years, and it’s been huge for my business. Emmitt Smith has created a real estate fortune and we can learn a lot from him.

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Ian Manta is a successful business owner and lifetime investor in real estate. He has purchased numerous investment properties to grow assets, and develop passive income.