Examples of Interior Painting for Home Owners in Highlands Ranch, CO

Interior Painting for Home Owners

Are you considering giving your home in Highland Ranch a new look? If you are, then you will find this piece to be highly educational.

The best painting ideas can come from the rarest and purest places, which is why you need to keep an open mind when searching for a painter. If you want the interior of your home to look distinct and outstanding, a single accent color or a roll of painter’s tape isn’t going to do the trick.

Getting professional help is best if you have no much experience with using a paintbrush. And for this Elk Horn Painting Highlands Ranch firm, you must achieve what you want out of a paint job. Here’s some example of room painting options that will best suit your home.


This kind of interior painting is ageless and quite simple too. But this time you would have to take the stripes painting to another level. Let’s say instead of using two colors, try using three instead. Create a thin white line between them to emphasize both colors. Painting the stripes is too easy if you do it carefully.

While you would need to think of how you can make the rest of the room’s décor correspond with your painting, you could quickly put your creative skills to play.

Colorful waves

Other than the stripes, you can try something different like waves. They are very bold and attractive, and they allow you to use more than two contrasting colors. You can freestyle them and let the walls be your canvas. This will make the walls look like an abstract painting. It is a cool way for you to connect all the other color accents that you’ve used all around your room.

When selecting colors to use in a colorful wave, you want to factor in other colors in that part of the house. Also, while waves could work in any open space, you would want to use something else for the bathrooms and toilets.

Abstract Painting

The key to abstract painting is to do away with patterns and symbolic designs and avoid anything too specific. With this type, you are allowed to express yourself, and you do not have to depict a meaningful representation of anything.

You have to create a mood for yourself or create a design that reflects something you care about using shapes and colors. This is the type of style you would use in the baby or kids’ room where you get to let creativity speak rather than trying to win the best home interior award. You can check the link below for some useful tips in picking room colors.


Typographic design

A typographic design allows you to customize the walls in your home and make the layout look more practical. This is good for the work at home parents or individual, who would like to have a workspace. You can define your workspace using letterforms or numbers. You want to create an environment that helps bring out the productivity in you.

You can create a unique and attractive wall display with a customized message. It can be an inspirational quote or a quote that means something to everyone around your home. Ideally, it is best to go with bright colors when finishing sections of the house, such as dining and study room.

Ombre design

The ombre painted walls take a unique approach to design. With the ombre design, you can make it seem as if there are no boundaries between the ceilings and the walls and take out the straight angles.

Try painting the lower portion of the walls in your bedroom a different color. And match that color to the carpets or the bedding so that they all blend.

Ombre designed walls also create a kind serene and pleasant atmosphere, and you can use this design in the bathroom areas, or the hallway entrance. They also go well in fitness rooms.


If you admire the distinctive look and feel that wood adds to a room but don’t want to include them in your design, there’s a substitute for that it is called a faux.

A faux bois designed wall will give you all those elements but in an illustrative way. You get to enjoy the traditional charm that molding and artifacts bring to a room without really having any.

We highly recommend a faux painted wall because it gives your room a relaxed and welcoming feel. You could use this type in the sitting areas to provide a luxurious feel to the furnishing. They could also work in the kitchen to accent the cabinetry.

Color Blocking

Try using solid colors. Add multiple shades on a wall and make them all look unique. You should also paint thin white frames on all the sides of each block of color to bring out the quality.

Find all the different colors you’ve used in painting a room, put them all together on a wall, and paint a rectangle using the different shades you have cataloged. It is a perfect way to string everything along pleasantly.

If you placed white furniture against a wall, paint the lower portion of the wall dark. By doing so, all the elements will stand out by being close to a contrasting color. Ideally, it is best to have a distinction between bright and dull colors to encourage the flow of air and passage of light into the room. You could steal a peek here on some of the best living room color blocking with paints.

The Painter’s Tape Magic

The painter’s tape is a lot more flexible because it allows you to create a variety of distinctive lines and designs when they are torn. It can be used more than to mark a straightedge. It is a different form of interior painting.


If you are an artistic person, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get creative and come up with a unique design for your walls.

Pick up a pencil or whatever material you’re free with, and freestyle something on the walls and see what comes out from it. If you are okay with what you’ve got, then use paint to finish your design.

Large-scale stripes

The large-scale stripes are stripes painted large. The lines don’t have to be parallel. They are more exciting and fun when you add a few adjustments to them.

Overall, the idea is to get creative with your interior decor, and choosing the right painting is the right way to start.

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