Flip To Retire

Flip to Retire is a site I came across not long ago, and am still gathering information on.  Today I’ll do my best to give you all the information I was able to grab online so you can make a decision whether you want to join up with this company, or continue looking for real estate mentors.

Looking Deeper Into The Company

It took a bit of digging, but when you do, you’ll find this site is tied together with National Real Estate Network – NREN Flips – National Real Estate Network Flipping. The person in charge is Nick Vertucci. And if you’ve been in real estate for any length of time, you will probably recognize his name.  You can read more about him on this page.


I Always Advise You to Check out Online Reviews

You should do a search for “Flip to Retire Reviews”if you want to see what’s under the hood and if any Flip to retire complaints exist.  Like any business, you’ll see positive and negative reviews, so try to digest them fully and make sure you understand perspectives from both sides. Nobody is perfect, and of course, we all have our bad days.

They Have Free Two Hour Workshops Across Many States

It appears they set up satellite locations where they have free two hour workshops for people to attend. They have you sign up and register through their website offering gifts. The gifts include a free watch, Emil, a CD called riches in flipping, a guide, and a thumb drive.

The website includes many pictures of individuals who have attended these meetings.


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