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Mr. Armando Montelongo has a long and storied history. He is a very successful real estate developer and has had hundreds of successful real estate deals throughout his career.  Today I dive in and examine his success as a real estate mentor.

Should You Invest in Armando Montelongo’s Training?

Let me first off say that Armando Montelongo is also a very important philanthropist in his own right. He likes to help people and he is a very charitable man.  I tip my cap to anyone who spreads the wealth and gives to the needy.

Armando Montelongo Real Estate

That said, he’s not getting great ratings as a real estate educator. While he does have his own multi-million dollar educational company (Armando Montelongo Companies) in which he is able to teach people a simple system that they can use to create their own personal success in the real estate business, it’s not the most well received.

The Truth About This Training Course

Looking online and studying the web, I’ve come across the following:

  • Students investing up to $60,000 and not getting any real estate deals.  (Ouch!)
  • This link on Scams Galore shares more horror stories.

Perhaps the most frightening include the Texas Attorney General getting on his case.  He later cut a deal, but the issue was his “high pressure” sales tactics. 

The BBB has strict warnings for his training material. 

  • The infomercials are highly misleading.  Including him promoting “live free events” in the form of seminars.  Let’s be honest folks, there is nothing free about this!  In fact, you get pumped up, but don’t get all the meat and potatoes of what you need to know, and you end up having to invest in the next step, which is a 3 Day Course for $1,500.  Nobody likes a bait and switch tactic.

Another concern is this graphic, found on

Scammmed consumers


I think you get the hang of what people are saying online.  Just when I thought I was done, I found this YouTube video talking about how the BBB stressed concerns over his seminars.  This is a must watch.

If you still want to read on, I’ve put in some facts about his real estate career.  For my money, I’d recommend you take a look at the below, affordable, online course.


Your Flip Coach

Entering the Real Estate Market

Armando Montelongo first decided to enter into the real estate market in 2001, when at the time he made his first major real estate investment.

Since that initial investment, he has grown his real estate empire tremendously. As a matter of fact, Armando is still very active in the real estate game and he flips an average of 30 houses a month still to this very day.

Step-By-Step Armando Montelongo’s Real Estate System

Although Armando makes flipping houses seem very easy to his students, but it actually took him many years to perfect his incredible house flipping system that he still uses to this very day.

Since he has bought and sold so much real estate, he was able to put together this educational program because of all of his years of experience and the trial and error that he went through in his own personal real estate endeavors.

As of now, his real estate system is step-by-step and gets a lot of attention – but a lot of people online are calling it a scam. 

Of course, Armando really loves to give back to those interested in getting involved in real estate. He is actually very eager to share his system with everyone, and he loves it when his students achieve fantastic success.  Then again, who wouldn’t be excited to collect those types of fees?

The Entertainment Industry

Mr. Montelongo also has a great passion for the entertainment industry.

As a matter of fact, he opened his own production company in 2011 and has produced two big-budget movies named Entertainment and Line of Duty.

Not only that, he’s also been on a number of different television networks. He has starred on A&E’s Flip this House, and he was even a guest star on Undercover Boss on CBS.

The name of his latest TV project is Flipping Nightmares.


This is where I respect the guy – he donated more than $1 million to three nonprofit organizations in and around San Antonio.

Armando Montelongo Seminars LLC

2935 Thousand Oaks #6-285
San Antonio, TX 78247

P: (800) 854-9582



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