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Katrina Campins is a businesswoman who speaks from the heart and influences many entrepreneurs across the US. She is well known for flipping her first investment property at the age of 17. Most people probably discovered her first from the TV show called ‘The Apprentice’. The exposure from the show catapulted her fame to a national level. This popularity helped her achieve positions of influence and work beside some of the most notable names in television.

Katrina had an eye on real estate from the very beginning. She was able to flip her first investment deal in high school and the following year went out and got her real estate license. While she was majoring in international finance & marketing at the University of Miami, she was able to close her first six-figure commission as a full-time student. This early success did not distract her from achieving a 4.0 GPA.

2004 was a busy year for Katrina Campins. It was around this time when she co-founded the Campins Company and put her focus towards developing a top-notch Client List. She developed connections with over 350 athletes and celebrities for her real estate business. It was during this time frame she also took part in the TV show The Apprentice. This strong work ethic enabled her to mingle alongside people with significant real estate holdings such as Donald Trump.

Katrina also became a Fox News contributor to real estate and economic contributions. This naturally evolved to a contract with ESPN and the NFL as a correspondent although this was only part-time. Katrina then went on to start her own television show called ‘Hot Listings Miami’. Her show was very successful with high ratings allowing people to learn real estate investing from TV.

Katrina forged on to merge her brand with Trump International Realty. While a lot of real estate agents struggle and become inactive, she maintained strong roots in the Miami area with a focus on the luxury real estate niche. Katrina even finds time in her calendar to contribute as a role model to newer investors trying to find their way around the industry. She can offer a lot of advice after selling $750,000,000 worth of Real Estate.

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the president of the United States, Katrina stepped up and was one of Donald Trump’s first surrogates. She is a big supporter of Donald Trump and feels she learned a lot from him especially when it comes to diversifying her interest in her career. Katrina Campin has proven time and again to display Savvy skills in the real estate investment industry. If you are new or even a seasoned expert, she is definitely somebody to watch for flipping homes.

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