Lex Levinrad Bootcamp Review

Lex Levinrad is a professional real estate investor. He has invested in real estate on a full-time basis since the year 2003.

Lex Levinrad
Lex Levinrad

His major claim to fame in the real estate world is that he has fixed, flipped, wholesaled, rehabbed and rented over 500 houses throughout his entire real estate career.

Even though he now teaches real estate investing to his students, he is also still an active property investor currently working in the field.

As a matter of fact, Lex is still so active that he currently wholesales around 10 to 20 houses per month, plus he manages a major portfolio of real estate rental properties and properties that he will also fix and flip.

Distressed Real Estate Institute

Lex’s latest and greatest personal real estate adventure comes in the form of being the founder and chief executive officer of the Distressed Real Estate Institute.

This training program teaches new real estate investors how to purchase, wholesale, fix and also flip properties. So when students are looking to invest in real estate in any of these ways, they are lucky to have a great resource like the Distressed Real Estate Institute run by Lex Levinrad.

The biggest specialties that Lex has to offer to the world are that he focuses on buying short sales, bank owned properties, and foreclosures.

This is very good for his students, because if they want to get into buying these low-cost, distressed properties for a fraction of their original value, he can teach them how to do so and make great money in the process.

He has many students from all over the world using his training and system to earn a fantastic living in real estate by fixing and flipping and wholesaling properties.

His coaching programs are well respected and recognized all over the world, and he is truly considered one of today’s greatest real estate gurus.

Although he’s only been in this business for the last 15 years, Lex has really made his mark on the real estate world and is considered one of the most highly respected, sought after voices in the real estate space.

Personal and Professional Accolades of Lex Levinrad

At this point in Lex’s career, he is one of the most recognized speakers in the real estate game, and people know him from all over the world.

Plus, he’s even had the unique opportunity of sharing stages with some of the biggest and best real estate investors in the US.

Besides being a speaker, he is also an author.

Lex Levinrad has written seven books on real estate investing, and many millions of people have read about his unique real estate investing style.

He’s also been featured in Mortgage Daily News, The Real Deal, Sun Sentinel, ABC, CBS, Fox News radio, and he’s been in Real Estate Wealth Magazine and Real Estate Professional Magazine.

As the founder of the Distressed Real Estate Investors Association, he is the creator of one of the largest real estate investment clubs throughout the entirety of the United States of America.


Distressed Real Estate Investors Association

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P: (800) 854-9582
E:  hello@teamarmando.com
W: http://www.distressedreia.com


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