Continuum South Beach South Tower Condominiums

Continuum South Beach South Tower The Continuum South Beach South Tower was developed by Bruce Eichner and was completed as a part of a two phase project back in 2002. The South tower is a 42 story building with 318 residential units. The tower is incredibly tall and watches over the beautiful Miami view. Moreover, the South Beach South Tower was constructed on a 12 acre privately owned property, which is located on the far southeastern end of the renowned South Beach, which make Continuum condominiums on south beach very popular.

The Continuum South Beach South Tower was built in 2002 and residential units in the tower are available between $1,899,000 – $29,900,000 price range. The units boast 1-7 bedrooms and there are 14 some units up for sale. The average square feet range of a unit ranges from 1201 to 8229 whereas the price per average square feet is $2709.80. The average price of one unit is $8,575,786.

Continuum South Beach South Tower Amenities

The South Beach South Tower opens up to an amazing beachfront and oceanfront view. Residents can access the beautiful view from any unit and all directions. The tower watches over the Miami skyline and provides a scenic view for residents to enjoy (of the skyline and water). There are plenty of top class luxurious amenities offered to the residents of Continuum South Beach South Tower including privately owned balconies (large sized), 24/7 valet parking and security services, tennis courts for people to practice and play, two big sized lagoon pools, a massive 3-story tall fitness center, both indoors and outdoors Jacuzzis, 10 ft. top to bottom ceiling units and much more.

continuum south beach south tower condominimums

It is not only the luxurious facilities offered to all residents that make the Continuum South Beach South Tower a great place to live in Miami Florida. In fact, the location of the tower is pretty strategic and many recreation and fun places are close to the tower. People living in the South Beach South Tower can easily access these places, as they are only a few minutes or a short drive away. Some of these places include the Lincoln Road Mall, restaurants, many clubs and bars, shopping malls and others.

For people looking for Continuum condos for sale, the South Tower is definitely worth a look if you have the budget for it. An absolutely stunning location with breathtaking views and top class decor and facilities, perfectly situated next to the North Tower.


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