Miami Dade Real Estate Investors Association

Being a South Floridian, it sure is easy to reach out to the local companies in the real estate mentoring space.  I recently learned that BREIA (Broward Counties leading investor’s association) opened up a chapter in Miami Dade County.  This instantly puts them into competition with a lot of the people that were simply operating without much competition previously, namely this guy.

If you read anything about the BREIA company in my review, you know that the owners Ryan Kuhlman and Anish Dave have years of experience not only educating people in how to invest in property, but more importantly – actually DOING the damn thing.  It’s really important that any time you invest in a mentoring program that the people teaching you are actually involved in the game, and in this case, these guys certainly are.

What I Learned About the Miami Dade Real Estate Investors Association

Again, you can assume everything you read about BREIA pertains to their newly formed Miami chapter.  When you look to see who is highly respected in South Florida, as well as nationally, you want to see the names of the people you learn from.  You’ll see that Ryan and Anish are coming up prominently on peer review websites and they have a legitimate following.  I’ve been to their events, and let me tell you, all sorts of real estate power brokers are present.  You’ll find every single aspect of putting together a property investing business will be addressed at these events, making this the top networking event you can attend if you invest in real estate in South Florida.

Membership will allow you to learn how to invest in properties of all types.  Foreclosures, short sales, and even homes that had fire damage.

This program was created to fill in the gaps where other programs stopped short.

Perhaps for me, the most intriguing part of the program is that they are the ONLY company that puts up 100% of the funds for every deal a student brings in.  This isn’t just for transactional funding, but also for fix up and flip properties as well.  Expenses incurred are deducted from profits before everything gets split right down the middle.  There is not an easier way to get started in investing in property!

The ease of becoming successful is what attracted me to BREIA, and now for my friends living just South in Dade County, they have the same opportunity!

Like BREIA, you get the one on one support that will ensure you have every tool and piece of mind available to you as you start your journey.  The founders work with you closely to ensure your success.  If you need, a mentor will actually help you negotiate – what is better than that?

There isn’t a better place to start learning the in’s and out’s of investing in real estate in Dade County than this company.


Miami Dade Real Estate Investors Association

1660 NW 65 Avenue, Suite 1 Plantation, FL 33313
P: (954) 585 – CASH (2274)
F: (954) 585-2231



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