Million Dollar Listing’ Star Tracy Tutor-Maltas Files for Divorce

If you’ve been as interested as I have been in the blossoming Bravo television star Tracy Maltas, you will be happy to hear she is officially on the market!

Tracy Maltas Is Getting Divorced

First reported on, she has put new blood and energy into the popular real estate show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.  Along with Co-Stars Josh Altman, Josh Flagg, and a cast of other LA area real estate brokers, the show details the trials and tribulations of the trendy and difficult LA real estate market.

She was married to Jason Maltas for 13 years and has two daughters from the marriage.  There was said to be a pre-nuptial agreement in place which is said to have no spousal support and provide join custody of their children.

Tracy Maltas divorcing husband
Million Dollar listing’s Tracy Maltas.

If you don’t know Tracy, she’s a feisty, witty, and very quick witted female who is a rising star of the show.  (At least in my mind!)  She was also listed in this story by the Hollywood reporter to be a top 30 sales agent in Hollywood.

For more information about Tracy, read her bio here.

More details on the Tracy Maltas breakup will follow as information is obtained.


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