Real Estate Mentors

If you are looking to get into the lucrative business of flipping homes, you are most likely looking for a real estate investing mentor.

There are MANY property flipping “mentors” out there – so many, in fact, that it seems everyone and their mother is a guru all of a sudden.  Where did all of these people come from, and who is the best person to listen to for a new real estate investor?

I attempt to answer that question on my no holds bar real estate mentor review website.  I’m Tommy Dietrich, and I like to think of myself as a consumer advocate. I  set up this website to share my experiences and interactions with various organizations who are in the space of real estate investment educating.

Why Do You Need a Real Estate Investing Mentor?

I’m a huge advocate of learning from from someone who has significant experience in a topic.  It doesn’t matter if I am trying to increase my bench press or learn how to cook Italian.

Unless you have a family history of making insane amounts of money in real estate, even the fastest of learners can’t prepare for all that it takes to become a successful real estate investor.  I highly advise you find a mentor if you find yourself dabbling in this highly lucrative space.

Five Reasons You Need a Real Estate Mentor

#1:  Gain Experience

Learn from mistakes they made along the way, instead of waiting for yourself to make the same mistake.

#2:  Build Fundamental Skill Sets

Everything starts with core fundamentals. I don’t care if you are learning how to ice skate or built a log cabin.  If you don’t have the basics mastered, you won’t go very far in any profession. It’s highly important to learn the basics from someone with experience.

#3:  Negotiations Bring ROI

When you learn how to negotiate deals like a pro, you’ll make a much better return on your investment.  Everything from contracts, to contractors, to verbiage, you’ll want to lean on someone who can guide you every step of the way.

#4:  Access

Having the ability to meet for a coffee or beer, or just make a critical phone call for advice in crunch time, is absolutely key.  Access to information will get you places in life that most people won’t have a chance at achieving.

#5:  Networking

When you have a mentor, they can open up doors for you.  A solid network of resources is crucial in any business, and it’s one of the most important assets a real estate investor can possess.  Don’t discount the importance of building a cohesive team.

How to Find a Property Flipping Mentor In Your Area

If you have followed all of the above tips and are still seeking some help, I really wish I could help all of you, but I’m confined to South Florida.

In my area, I’m happy to recommend BREIA if you live in Broward County.

If you happen to be further South and want to learn from the same network, the same guys run Miami Dade REIA.

Folks outside of Florida, I apologize that I can’t help you find a local REIA.

Side note:  If you operate a local REIA outside of South Florida and want to be evaluated to be listed on this website, please contact us here.



Kirk Mullen's life goal is to travel the world while living off investments. He's currently mastering real estate investing, thanks to his never ending thirst for information online. This site is his culmination of opinions gathered on real estate investing courses, guru's, and other mentors he aspires to be like.