Real Estate Entrepreneurs You Should Follow

Which Entrepreneurs Should You Decide To Follow?

When I first took a look at real estate years ago, I wanted to know which real estate entrepreneurs you should follow. I figured out pretty fast I didn’t know a lot about it. Thankfully I had the insight to know I needed someone that I could look to for advice. I realized it was easier to learn from someone else’s mistakes rather than to learn from my own. It was also a lot less expensive too. Just so happened I had a neighbor that was involved in real estate, and I saw him make a ton of mistakes. Joking aside, I didn’t want to turn to family and friends for advice because I knew I wouldn’t get an accurate picture of what I was looking for regarding quality information. They truly meant well they just didn’t have the facts. When you’re dealing with money, big decisions and family, it can go bad fast because there’s a lot of emotions involved.

When I started to look for an entrepreneur to follow, I wanted to find someone with a personality that was close to mine. I also felt it was essential to find someone that share the same views as me, whether that was political or even someone that had the same morals. The last thing I wanted to look at that I felt was necessary, was what path did they take while growing up. Did they have a past that was similar to mine? I wanted somebody I could relate to, after all, there are some ups and downs in anything you do.

Personality, in my opinion, is one of the top things to consider when you’re looking for someone to follow in the real estate industry. It’s often an oversight how people address situations. I felt it was important to listen to somebody that would respond to situations with a calm, collected mindset versus someone that would react to a situation. For me when people react to an issue it’s a sign of emotion. Losing control isn’t always a good thing as I said earlier. Something else you might consider is to look for someone that is a big thinker, meaning if they can’t see the big picture and always get caught up in the small details, it could build into something it’s not. The neighbor I told you about earlier always thought short-term. I saw him jump into multiple projects all at the same time, spreading himself too thin causing situations to unravel fast.

I also took a long hard look at their experience. Some people come into the game fast, they have some success right out of the gate, but they haven’t paid their dues and haven’t learned the hard way. In other words, I didn’t think they could repeat the same successes a second time. Choosing someone that shares the same failures can be a big help. And if they’re not in the same type of Real Estate that could be a factor also, techniques change, but principals usually stay the same. Don’t misunderstand me; you can certainly learn something from everybody. I would just like to narrow my scope, so I’m not going down a longer road than necessary. The person I learned the most from, shared the same path in the way of Education. We both did not go to an Ivy League school, the school that we did share was the School of Hard Knocks. He was further down the road that I was and was in the game a lot longer so he saw a lot more than I could ever see initially.

One of the best things you can do now is to find one person, maybe two and stick with them. The last thing you want to do is follow five, six or even seven people. You will be too scattershot; you’ll find yourself always chasing that shiny object never achieving anything of substance.

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Ian Manta is a successful business owner and lifetime investor in real estate. He has purchased numerous investment properties to grow assets, and develop passive income.