Rementor with David Lindahl

David Lindahl Is a big name in the real estate industry. In fact, he’s well-known for buying, holding and selling multifamily properties. He started out as a landscaper and has built an Empire to over 8000 apartments. He was even invited to an event from the Secretary of Treasury to help advise and figure out ways to get out of the crisis in 08.

Early years

David was born August 9th 1963 In Massachusetts and started out Playing in a rock and roll band from the ages of 16 to 24. He discovered his band wasn’t going to make it, so he decided to start a landscaping company. He was told to be successful with the landscaping business he would have to either own the business or sell it. During the winter season, he was offered his first opportunity in real estate. His friend worked at a bank and did renovations on foreclosures. He took the opportunity to do the work on the property, and he accepted it despite having very little Construction knowledge.

This point in time is where he learned how to bid on jobs and subcontract everything because he didn’t have the experience to do the work himself.

His next significant breakthrough was learning people were making five times the money flipping houses instead of rehabbing them.

David said the things he did differently was he focused on multi-family units right from the start.

Career Highlights

David has was in Reader’s Digest, Creative Real Estate lifestyles, Kiplinger magazine and AOL

David is the author of many top selling real estate books and has received many positive reviews

2007- Emerging Real Estate Markets
2008- Multi-Family Millions
2008-Trump University commercial real estate 101
2010- The six-figure second income


Students: One interesting thing about David is it he partners with his students on deals. His students will bring deals to him. This concept is brilliant because basically, he’s having students pay for his courses while they’re essentially working for him almost like a sales agent because they are finding him these deals. If a student puts money in Dave will match it 50/50. If the student puts up all the money but consults or mentors them through the deal, it’ll be a 75-25 split. If David puts up all the money when the student finds the deal the student will get 25% while David keeps 75%.

Rementor Program:

Ultimate Partnering – David largest networking event of the year

Mastery coaching

-Immersion training
day1) this includes one full day of due diligence and looking for properties on paper
day2) students will board the bus and to our properties that went through the due diligence process from the previous day
day3) you will learn how to build the best team in that market to prepare you for transferring into other markets

– individual coaching and support
you will pair up with a coach for 12 months which will include email and support deal submission review, an emergency hotline Plus access to somebody for accountability

-Coaching curriculum in the mentorship online learning center
This is where you’ll have access to bi-weekly calls with Dave which will include a Q&A

– Business building blueprint
The business blueprint offers 24/7 on demand virtual training. It also includes business planning strategies surrounding cash flow.

– Business Systems immersion training
this takes place at a different office but you’ll have access to opening the drawers, looking into files, asking any questions surrounding the multi-family business. you will also have access to dinner with Dave at the exclusive Harvard Club

– Asset Management
This portion includes all the asset management systems you will need to successfully run your properties. this will also include a live event and several training manuals

– Foundational courses and home study training manuals
This includes reference manuals and teaches private money, commercial training academy and marketing mastery.

– Advanced Training
The Advanced Training portion teaches you how to raise private money utilizing their SEC attorney and staff. You will learn the rules and discover what to say in your gills.

The re-menter program offers a lot. I believe it would be worth checking out if you are looking to focus your investment career on the multifamily property strategy. The better business bureau rating was high.  There is no question there is an opportunity to succeed. Like anything, you get out of it what you put in.

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Ian Manta is a successful business owner and lifetime investor in real estate. He has purchased numerous investment properties to grow assets, and develop passive income.