Roger Staubach Real Estate Fortune

Are there significant players in real estate? Quite literally, let’s look at the Roger Staubach real estate Fortune. For those that don’t follow football. Roger Staubach Played for the Dallas Cowboys NFL football organization for 11 seasons from 1969 to 1980. Over the years he has built a fortune in real estate, He made over 12 million dollars just last year alone

Professional sports is both risky and exciting. It does only boil down, however, to one question in professional sports for players. Can you make enough money in your prime to retire for the rest of your life? Real estate investing is an excellent avenue because there are many levels of flexibility allowing you numerous options. We’re going to cover the early days of football and why real estate investing was and still is an attractive Avenue for pro athletes or anyone for that matter. We will also take a look and see how Roger Staubach found his way using a mentor. We’ll also take a quick look at when he went out on his own.

Learning Real Estate While Playing In The NFL

Real estate investing is entirely flexible, and it’s an excellent career avenue whether you’re full-time or just looking at it to provide security between careers. Roger Staubach realized it was a good fit for him very early on because he did this during the offseason. Back in the 1970s, the NFL was a little different than it is today. The players didn’t make as much money back then. To give you some perspective, an advertiser would pay $40,000 for an ad in the 60s and 70s, whereas today an ad spot can put a company in front of millions of people for a mere 4 million dollars. Players salaries are a reflection of this, back in the 1960s and 70s the players were making approximately $25,000 a year. The average salaries today are upwards of a couple of million dollars and if you win a Superbowl. The contract for the winning quarterback could be upwards of a hundred million. Depending on the lifestyle you’re used to, are you making enough money to support your family for the Long Haul?

Roger Staubach was humble enough to know he needed to do something in the off-season to supplement his income. He was already very successful in football but knew he had to provide for his family in the event he got hurt. Roger found a mentor he saw to be a great fit and looked to Henry S Miller who had one of the largest independent commercial real estate firms in Texas. So out of the 11 seasons as a Dallas Cowboy, he worked for seven of those off Seasons building a real estate career. Roger has gone on the record to say football teaches you hard work and he talks a lot about spectacular results in both industries. Roger took what he learned from his mentor, life lessons in football and turned that into a very successful Empire. He eventually grew his company to 50 offices by 2008.

Building His Own Real Estate Empire

Roger cut his ties going out on his own in real estate 1977. He worked hard through the ups and downs in the Texas market while still playing ball until 1980. He focused on industrial space, retail space, and helping tenants find offices. Many people, however, start off their careers in real estate investment by looking at smaller investments housing many families, this could include duplexes, small apartments, and even Condominiums. Roger is still in the real estate industry today. He also works closely with his family. Roger says the family is important to him and enjoys his time watching many grandkids play ball. He’s able to support the family because he had the vision of what real estate investment can do for them. He has even built a trust for his grandkids.

Real estate investing is for anybody who is serious and understands it can help if you’re currently in an industry that is short-lived, high risk, or isn’t able to provide up to retirement. Real estate investment can offer you many options and can do many things for you including helping you to build a trust for your family many generations deep if that’s what you want. Young entrepreneurs practice real estate anywhere or anytime, and there are many resources available where you can get some tips if you’re still just a beginner. There has never been a better time to get started. You should seriously consider getting as much information as you can now so that you can build out your Empire and ensure security for your family just as Roger Staubach did for his.

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