The 7 Must Watch Real Estate Shows

It’s easy to prove the real estate industry is booming, just look at the top 7 must-watch real estate TV shows. It’s no wonder the industry is consistently on the rise. The population continues to grow, and a broader audience is getting skin into the game earlier. There’s only so much property to own, and Real Estate TV shows are throwing gas onto the fire by educating people and helping them make their first step.

Now I’ve watched all of these shows at one point or another, and to be honest, they each have their strengths. Let’s take a look at the 7 popular real estate TV shows and see how they might appeal to you.

Tiny House Hunters

People travel across the country looking to downsize and find pretty tiny homes . For example, they look for homes in some cases 600 square feet, something that is very compact. It’s a unique angle but something I saw and caught my eye the one episode. Some homeowners were very eager to move on and even decided to sell their current home for cash, then travel across the country looking for a small place to live in permanently.

Property Brothers

This show involves a real estate investment team of two identical twin brothers. One brother prospects for and buys investment homes while the other is a contractor and restores the houses to flip. I saw them score a great deal on a multiplex. They ended up getting the house with termites and rebuilt it back to beautiful condition. They sold it for a significant profit.

Love it or List it

In this TV show, a real estate agent teams up with an interior designer and negotiate deals with existing homeowners. They take on a project and renovate the house hoping to appeal to the owners. In the end, the owners decide whether to list the home and sell it or keep it for themselves with the renovations. The episode that I saw involved some charities. Charities are fantastic and benefit a great deal. It seems real estate and charities do a lot of work together these days, in fact, one of my most favorite is the one Emmitt Smith started after his football career. For those that don’t know Emmitt Smith’s real estate business contributes a lot to charity including the one he founded.

Home Town

This show involves a couple who buy and renovate homes then get them ready for sale to first-time buyers and young families. They appeared to go the extra mile in helping people make their first purchase. They cover a lot of tips for real estate beginners in the industry. Which is very helpful both for the couples that are buying the home and for the success of their TV show.

Flipping Virgins

Novices involved in real estate flipping can benefit from this show. It covers hot topics helping people getting started in the industry and demonstrating what you might encounter as challenges. She host has 15 years of experience in flipping homes.

Million Dollar Listing

Million Dollar listing is a show involving real estate agents in large cities. Miami, New York, and San Francisco. The agents focus on selling high-end properties. They have excellent insight as they’ve been renewed now for ten years. They cover a list of issues involving many aspects of real life deals.

House Hunters

House Hunters reveal behind the scene footage of significant deals involving couples and families looking to land the home they’ve always wanted. While the focus is on primary real estate topics, they try to portray the emotional side of deals too. This show is wildly popular, and it’s worth having to look at even if you’re a detailed facts kind of person.

There are many more shows to cover, but those are the most popular and seem to come up in discussions even speaking to people while closing big deals myself.  A lot of what is discussed can be applied right away.  You can get ideas you’d otherwise not even think of.

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